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In-home and Community Support Services

In-Home and Community Support Services

Our professional and friendly staff will provide you with tailored support in your home or in the community to manage everyday activities, enhancing independence so you can live the lifestyle you choose and enjoy the things you love in the comforts of your own home.

Our support is tailored for people across all ages and abilities with varying needs and lifestyle rhythms. Our 24 hour service is responsive and flexible. We take the time to listen to understand what is important to you. Our staff will work with you to plan and customise a choice of services that are  right for you. Supports are flexibly delivered and can be adjusted so that you can choose the services you need and when you need them.

Our staff all have National Criminal Record and Working with Children Checks, they are well trained and continue to receive professional development during their employment at Eurella. Our staff work to the highest standard of dignity and professionalism.

We can assist you with :

  • Personal care activities - showering, dressing, toileting, shaving and assisting with medication
  • Community and social support - attending appointments, running errands, social activities, shopping, connecting with family and friends
  • Health and wellbeing -attending appointments, engaging in exercise, walking to support to you to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Learning new skills - literacy and numeracy, use of technology, budgeting, formal courses,  life skills and travel
  • Pursuing hobbies & recreational interests   - support to live an active lifestyle pursuing sports, hobbies, arts, crafts and cooking
  • Help around the house - we can provide domestic assistance in areas laundry, general cleaning and gardening for a clean and comfortable home
  • Meal preparation- we can assist you to shop and prepare nutritious and tasty meals
  • Transport- we can arrange transport to take you to appointments, social outings and to run errands