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Karobran Therapeutic Playgroup

Learning, Curiosity, Confidence and Fun...

We believe that children learn through play and the seeing and doing. Eurella is renowned for our structured therapy based playgroups. Set in the beautiful grounds of Eurella, the Korabran centre is a purpose designed and fully accessible centre. Korabran is a creative colourful and nurturing space that aligns development, fun, imagination and play.  Our outdoor play and sensory garden in the making aims to nurture and stimulate curiosity, skills and confidence. 

The depth and quality of our therapeutic play based approach promotes each child’s optimal growth and development. Embracing a family-centred approach families and caregivers remain with their child during the session. Our vibrant therapists lead the group giving practical demonstrations of a range of activities and strategies that can be used at home, pre-school or day care centre.

Our play group session incorporate therapeutic outcomes with a unique curriculum that incorporates key developmental milestones. Through purposeful activities, play and a nurturing learning environment parents become the facilitators. Each playgroup is filled with opportunities for learning, sharing, laughing, music, singing, language, movement, experimenting, creating and expressing one’s self.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our therapeutic playgroups that are facilitated weekdays.

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