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My Link to Leisure and Social Activities

Our community participation and learning hub offers plenty of inspiration and diversity through a wide range of lifelong learning, cultural, sporting, community and social experiences.

We aim to give flexibility and variety so that you can have fun, experience achievement, develop new interests and continue to love what you do every day of the week. Our service supports you to feel valued and connected, to have fun and aspire to achieve your personal best.

We are responsive to what you need we recognise that some individuals enjoy specific preferences and favourite activities with not a lot of change we also understand others are searching for their next adventure or project change as levels of motivation and engagement can dip so our tailored programs are designed around your goals. We will support you to have fun and try new things, to immerse  in new learning that piques your curiosity and builds on what you already know.

We offer a range of individual and small group programs that build relationships and develop the skills and foster life-long learning. These skills can focus on the use of technology, a range of literacy or numeracy programs, travel training, budgeting, cooking, nutrition and living skills to name a few.

Venturing out and about in the community exploring a destination, swimming, sailing, sipping a latte at the coffee shop, watching a theatrical performance, playing bingo at the local club, visiting  a museum or camping under the stars are some of the many suggestions on offer.



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