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My Link to Leisure and Social Activities

My Links to Leisure and Social Activities

Eurella's community participation and learning hub offers inspiration, choice and diversity through a wide range of  cultural, sporting, community and social experiences.

We understand the importance of variety in what we offer so that you can have fun, experience achievement and explore and develop new interests so that you continue to love what you do every day of the week. 

We are responsive and will work with you to customise a service to meet your preferences, interests and needs. Interests and levels of motivation can and do change. Eurella Links offers a combination of consistently preferred activities balanced with new adventures and experiences .

Our tailored programs are designed around your interests and goals. We will support you to have fun and try new things, to immerse in new activities that piques your curiosity and builds on what you already know.

Learn to play an instrument, explore a new recipe, sport or a new hobby. Participate in a performance, try sailing, tennis or a game of pool, enjoy karaoke or deepen your interests in science, culture, history, geography, arts and crafts, card making or woodwork.

We have an extensive range of activities on offer so please contact us so we can have a discussion to assist you to achieve all that is possible.