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Work Readiness and Work Experience

Eurella can connect you with opportunities in employment, education or training. 

Our job readiness courses will assist to you develop your confidence in a range of areas that are important to help you on your path to finding and keeping a job.

The job readiness courses are tailored to meet individual needs and encompasses both theory and practical elements with necessary skills for the workplace.

The training courses and practical work experience will aim to enhance your teamwork and communication skills. We can assist you to develop a positive attitude and work ethic, including motivation, reliability and a willingness to work.

Included in the course is time management, organisation, numeracy, and literacy skills and the use of digital technology.

We understand that beginning a new job or returning to work can be both exciting and overwhelming. We will listen to what you need, understand any challenges or apprehensions that you may have and we will customise a plan that will assist you to achieve milestones towards your goal.

Please contact us for more information.


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