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Eurella Packaging and Assembly

Let us take care of your packaging and assembly needs.

Located in George Street, North Strathfield, Eurella Packaging & Assembly provide quality, efficient packaging service applications to local industries ranging from small to high volume packaging contracts. Eurella Packaging and Assembly is a social enterprise offering supported employment to people with disability.

Our team are experienced in managing a diverse range of customer needs. We specialise in quality assembly work to the customer's specifications and are always ready for new challenges and new work. We cover all types of light assembly work for everyday items including hardware, clothing and consumable products, promotional material, mechanical parts and giftware. Whether it's gluing, folding, sealing, fitting, fixing, or connecting we have the tools and the workforce to get the job done. 

Our service is personalised to meet individual customer packaging needs and is delivered on time to agreed deadlines. We are competitive and professional.  Our experienced and highly productive team with modern facilities allows quick turnaround and efficient handling of customer packaging contracts.

Our Services

Assembly – Our team covers all types of light assembly work for hardware, electrical, plastic products, promotional material, mechanical parts and giftware. Whether it's gluing, clamping, fitting, fixing, or connecting, we have the tables and the hands to get the job done. We can take up to thirty pallets at a time with an effective turnaround.

Shrink wrapping – Our facilities include several shrink-wrapping machines working up to 500mm wide and 300mm high. Our team complete sealing and sleeving tasks with the highest levels of care and to precise instructions from our customers. We use materials to your specifications – Polyolefin or polypropylene and others if needed.

Mail fulfillment – Our team completes all kinds of mailing applications, of differing shapes, sizes, and quantity. Applications include promotional materials, direct marketing, school yearbooks and advertising. We use both machine and hand operations and organize delivery to Australia Post.

Packaging – Our facilities allow for many different packaging applications including bagging, wrapping, sealing, folding, and stapling. The Eurella team have experience in clam-packing, gluing, and using hot dots to apply materials to products in the process of packaging. We complete a number of different attaching tasks including tagging, tying, and stapling.

Labelling and Tagging - Precise labelling applications to the customer's requirements are our speciality. We use several types of labels – peel-n-stick, hot dots, glue-guns or glue. For tagging we use string, cable and tagging guns to ensure efficient turnaround.

Assembling showbags, conference packages, and promotional packs - Sample bags, showbags, marketing kits and promotional packs are all part of the services we provide to businesses.

Our services also include product rework, promotional packaging, and pick and pack.

Our Equipment

We have all the right gear to get the job done

We are equipped with a great selection of world-class machinery and equipment to address a wide range of needs.  From magazine wrapping, folding and inserts to shrink-wrapping, sealing, filling, and stamping– we’ll make it happen quickly and efficiently.

Here is a brief list of the equipment included at our Strathfield factory.

Preferred Packaging Auto Shrink-wrapper – capacity 450mmx300mm

Heatshrink tunnel – 300mmx180mm

2x Hooded Shrink-wrappers – 450mmx450mm

Number Stamping machine

Straight Sealer – 200mm and 3x Straight Sealers – 300mm

Wedderburn Digi DC180 Counting Scales

Crown Walk Behind Forklift

Pallet Jack

Our facilities are fitted to accommodate a wide range of services, including but not limited to shrink-wrapping, mail fulfilment, packaging, showbag filling, assembly, plastic thermoformed packaging, flow wrapping, collating, bulk mailouts, promotional, sealing, measuring, filling, distribution, folding and stamping.

Our Clients

Unique and boutique solutions. From design to distribution, we service a wide range of client needs.

Eurella Packaging & Assembly services a diverse client base with a range of packaging, assembly, repetitive tasks, shrink-wrapping, mail fulfilment and promotional needs.  We are looking forward to helping you.

Some of our previous clients include:

Australian Therapeutic Supplies
Department of Education and Training
Energy Australia


Eurella Packaging & Assembly

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