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Every donation makes a difference!

Over the years, Eurella has successfully executed several community-based improvements and initiatives with the generous support of our donors through ongoing pledges and specific campaigns.

So much of what we can achieve, and deliver is attributed to the kindness and generosity of our donors. Past campaigns and pledges have enabled us to refurbish our spaces, upgrade facilities and purchase new equipment.

In 2019 we delivered a beautiful multi-sensory garden which includes an edible garden, fruit trees, gross motor play equipment and a range of outdoor musical instruments.

In 2020 we renovated and refurbished the Eurella Links social and community participation hub. This project focused on improving accessibility, creating an additional personal care room and converting an unused area into a large functional space for an in-door gym and a bright space to facilitate games, social and sports activities. 

To maximise the use of our spaces in 2021 the Karobran building was refurbished to create a shared hybrid space home to the Wattle-it-Bee children's program, Eurella Creative our creative and performing arts space, our social venue to hold discos and gathering and a space to deliver therapeutic supports including ECEI.

In October this year we are delivering the Eurella Cooking Collective. The Eurella Cooking Collective involves the refurbishment of the existing kitchen at Eurella Links to create a commercial kitchen. The Eurella Cooking Collective enables us to facilitate hospitality and cooking classes. 

Your generosity supports the work that we do at Eurella. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and make a genuine difference for people with disability.

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 If you are interested in donating to Eurella and want to find out more about our organisation and our current campaigns, please call us on (02) 9747 4810 or email us at

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