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Welcome to Eurella

From the CEO

I am delighted to welcome you to Eurella. A place where people and relationships are truly valued and supporting people with disabilities to achieve all that is possible underpins what we do.

Located on beautiful and expansive grounds in Sydney’s vibrant Inner West, Eurella celebrates 67 years of supporting people with disabilities across all areas of life.

Over the years, Eurella's strong foundations combined with our future-focused and innovative practice have undoubtedly played a significant role in supporting people with disabilities to live their best possible life. The Eurella experience is designed with the person at the centre. We deliver individualised tailored services that are informed by client choice, needs, interests, ambitions, and aspirations. Our culture enables individuals to have control over the type of services they want and how they want them delivered.

As a staff-body we work towards achieving excellence in all that we offer, and our services are of the highest standard. All our staff priorities the importance of taking a genuine interest and building a rapport that develops insight and understanding. This approach enables staff to successfully mentor and guide individuals delivering responsive and engaging supports that garner confidence supporting individuals to enrich their skills, succeed, connect, and contribute.

Eurella is inclusive, warm, and welcoming. We care about those around us. This care not only encompasses the people we support, but the staff who mentor, the community that surrounds us, and our partners that support our journey to create and bring to life new possibilities.

We understand that choosing the right service is a significant decision. I hope that as you read the pages of our website and make further enquiries, you will come to discover the exceptional quality that Eurella offers. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to embark on a journey to explore all things possible.

Patricia Abraham
Chief Executive Officer