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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The heart of what we do is to inspire and empower people with disabilities, fostering each person’s ability to learn, succeed, connect, and contribute; cultivating resilience, enjoyment and self-determination to achieve all that is possible. 


Our Vision

Our vision for Eurella is to be leaders, authentic to our purpose. We loyally place the people we support in the centre of all we do, and we champion principles of excellence and innovation in all our endeavours.


Our Values

At Eurella we seek to live out the values that serve to inspire us and guide our work, relationships and decision-making. Our values are the enduring principles that are imbedded into our mission and vision. They represent what we consider important for our organisation and are what we stand for.


Dignity and Respect

We are unified, treating all individuals, communities and cultures with empathy, kindness, and respect. We uphold the principles of goodwill, courtesy and fairness in all of our interactions, and we value each person’s inherent contribution.

Collaboration and Communication

We respect and acknowledge everyone’s input and we listen to our clients, community, and to each other. We communicate by giving the time and attention to others, seeking to understand their perspective. We foster confidence, cooperation, and collaboration in relaying feedback and reaching solutions. 


We act with integrity and seek for our actions to reflect what we say and uphold. We do this by being open and trustworthy in our communication with others, and in all our endeavours. 


We are passionate about what we do and are committed to providing excellence. We approach our work with pride, vigour, quality and attention to detail. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards and aspire to exceed expectation.


We deeply respect the knowledge, skills, ideas, and capabilities of each other and those around us. We foster a space where creativity drives innovation. We engage with individuals by incorporating their strengths and embracing their ideas adding value to our organisational goals and directions.  


We are a community with a love for learning and we support this culture by furthering our professional knowledge, expertise, and talent to achieve our strategic pillars.