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Eurella Therapy Services

Discover an eagerness to explore, find wonder and marvel at the world around us. We aspire to create authentic therapeutic, learning and sensory experiences for people of all abilities.

How Can We Help?

Eurella Therapy Services provides specialised multi-disciplinary therapy services and support, for people with a range of disability and conditions at all age; to enhance independence, skills and confidence participating in personal meaningful activities. 

We are able to help with:

  1. School readiness (e.g. hand writing skills, social skills, learning skills)
  2. Self-care and household management (e.g. showering, toileting, dressing, laundry)
  3. Community access skills (e.g. public transport, shopping)
  4. Work rehabilitation (e.g. return to work after injury or illness)
  5. Social interaction with others (e.g. listening to others, asking for help, cooperating with others, turn taking etc.)
  6. Emotion regulation
  7. Sensory integration
  8. Falls prevention
  9. Leisure and play activities

Our Family-Centred Service

We are a family-centred service, we believe in inspiring and empowering families to support their loved ones.

At Eurella, it is our priority to promote each person’s optimal growth and development, to empower families to become resilient and self-determined through collaborative problem solving and family centred practices, and to enrich community life through promoting the inclusion of individuals and their families.

We offer a range of flexible and responsive services that best suit the growth and development of the person as well as the needs of family. 

  1. Develop collaborative individual family service plan
  2. Comprehensive assessment and screening
  3. Customised one-on-one therapy intervention session (can be clinic, school or home based)
  4. Karobran Early Childhood Intervention Playgroup
  5. Centre-based workshops (e.g. independent living skills group, mobility improvement group)
  6. Consultation and support to family, teachers and support staff
  7. Liaison with other service providers, heath professionals and education staff

High Service Quality

Our therapy services manager is an experienced Occupational Therapist who has experience working with people of all ages across Australia and the United Kingdom. All of our highly skilled therapy team and the services we provided are heavily influenced by the most up to date clinical research to ensure the services we provide are of the highest quality.

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