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Make the Most of NDIS

Eurella is a registered NDIS provider, we celebrate a very proud history of 65 years as a leading provider of quality supports for people with disability.

As a registered provider we can offer assistance in many areas of living including

  • Support Coordination and Plan Management – we can provide you with reliable support coordination with expertise and a commitment to be listen be available and get back to you promptly with your enquires. We can assist you to understand your plan, prepare a new plan, review your goals working alongside you to supporting you to achieve your goals this could be liaising with the NDIA, connecting you with other people or services that you would like to make your goals come to life.
  • Work life – we can provide you with employment at our vibrant packaging service in North Strathfield we can support you to find and keep a job.
  • Home life- we can assist you with support in your home life, based on what is right for you we can provide shared living, short stay holidays, in-home or drop in support, assistance with household tasks and daily living.
  • Lifelong learning, exploring hobbies and trying new experiences - joining our community participation learning hub between Monday and Friday formally known as day services is a great place to make new friends, explore hobbies and interests and be immersed in lifelong learning and trying new experiences.
  • Gaining qualifications- we can support you to attend a learning college or TAFE to assist you in gaining your qualification.
  • Social life- having meaningful relationships is an integral part of our life, we also respect that building and maintaining relationships is a different process for everyone, our aim is to respectfully listen and assist you with this journey to develop and maintain relationships and community circles that are right for you.

Recreation and going out- Going out an about individually or in a group is what we can assist with, being part of community life and trying out new interests it could be during a week day, weekends or after work.

Early Child hood Intervention services we can provide structured play groups and therapy services designed to meet the unique needs of the child and family

If you are interested in how we can help you please give us a call.