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My Links to Education and Learning

Eurella offers a range of further education and life-long learning opportunities  that focus on real and meaningful situations that build relationships and develop a range of skills and interests. We offer individuals and groups various life skills courses some of which include literacy, numeracy, travel training, budgeting, life skills and relationships.

Hobbies and interest learning opportunities are readily available enhancing personal interests and curiosity for knowledge. Learn to play music, participate in a performance or deepen your interests in science, culture, history, geography, arts and crafts and much more.

Our facilities provide innovative quality learning spaces designed to host a number of activities some of which include:

Information and technology Our information and technology lab is fitted with computers, projectors and a smart board embracing and connecting with the digital world.

Music and performance Our purpose designed music and performance space facilitates a range of creative and performing arts activities featuring a wide genre of music, drama and dance.

Cooking and Nutrition Our spacious kitchens are fully equipped to accommodate a number of seasonal cooking and nutrition classes.

Exercise and Gym Our in-house gym features a range of exercise equipment with plenty of room for indoor sports and movement activities, so fitness and health can be maintained all year round.

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