Links to Lifestyle, Learning and Community

Eurella Links is a hub of community, learning and social activity. Our centre-based program offers groups and individuals wide-ranging tailored programs and activities that develop a range of valuable skills, attributes, knowledge, and abilities whilst encouraging the pursuit of personal interests. We host a range of engaging programs from Monday – Friday at our Burwood campus.


What we offer:

In-house gym

Features a range of exercise equipment with plenty of room for indoor sports and movement activities

Large activity rooms and outdoor spaces

Featuring multi-purpose workspaces that host social groups, events, and serve inspiration for our arts and craft activities

Community and sensory gardens

With a built-in outdoor orchestra, sensory plants, and an edible garden that contributes to our cooking programs

State of the art information and technology hub

Fitted with computers, projectors and a smart board embracing and connecting with the digital world

Spacious kitchen facilities

Fully equipped to accommodate a number of seasonal cooking, nutrition and hospitality programs

Music and performance space

Purpose-designed to facilitate a range of creative and performing arts activities featuring a wide genre of music, drama and dance

A variety of group activities and social events

Tailored to the interests of participants, while engaging in the local community

Qualified, skilled and passionate support mentors

We hire people with a passion for innovative and individualized support

Access to transport vehicles

Our fleet of vans provide access to regular outings and off-campus activities

Access to Eurella Creative studio

Participate in workshops, classes, and creative projects under the banner of Eurella Creative

We also provide accessible bathrooms and personal care rooms, and equipment for lifting and hoisting.



We offer a range of leisure and social activities, empowering and supporting individuals to have fun, develop connections with others, discover new interests and build confidence. Our program includes, but is not limited to:

Weekly outings for sports including tennis, athletics, dancing, swimming and sailing

Music therapy and music appreciation

Arts and crafts groups

Cooking programs

Special interest groups

Sensory-based activities

Social groups and planned outings


We support and empower people of all abilities to develop skills that foster life-long learning and self-determination, to understand their rights and to express themselves. These skills can focus on building interpersonal attributes and improving relationships, choice and control, literacy, numeracy, travel training, the use of technology, budgeting, life skills, enhancing safety, cooking and nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.



Eurella offers all clients a lifestyle plan that can be aligned to the goals outlined in your NDIS plan. We facilitate a planned and coordinated approach to the services provided. We like to think of our team as your co-pilot to life, ready to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. 

Whether you want to pursue a new interest, develop independent living skills or pick up a new hobby our dedicated team is by your side.


Pathways for School Leavers

Eurella is a community with a love for learning. We believe it’s important that young people are provided with a sense of continuity and connectedness whilst transitioning from life after school. We provide a broad range of tailored programs and opportunities designed to assist the successful learning, vocational and social transition of an individual's journey into their next phase of life.

The Eurella Links centre-based program offers groups and individuals wide ranging tailored programs and activities that develop a range of valuable skills, attributes, knowledge, and abilities whilst encouraging the pursuit of personal interests.

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