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Volunteering at Eurella

Share your interests, strengths and skills with others

Volunteering at Eurella is a meaningful and fun way to make a positive impact and share interests, skills or hobbies whilst being an invigorating force in our community. 

To support an enriching and enjoyable volunteering experience, we will provide you with the essential training and match your strengths, personal goals and the time that you have available with our wide-ranging volunteering opportunities.

We welcome individual, student placement, group and corporate team volunteers, all who support us to achieve our goals and strengthen the fabric of community, enabling a wonderful exchange to take place.

Volunteers, families and friends of Eurella are highly valued and contribute a significant role in the many aspects of community life in our organisation.

If you are interested in volunteering at Eurella and would like to join us, we welcome a conversation with you.


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